RUNEW is a four-week challenge combining the power of RUNNING, STRENGTH, & MEDITATION to kickstart your transformation and get you leaner, stronger and happier.

This is a different kind of challenge. No insane workouts that leave you fatigued. No crazy diets. It's a well-balanced program that will push you out of your comfort zone, but it will teach you the right way to mix cardio, strength, and mindfulness into your week. We will give you a schedule that works right into your lifestyle so you can sustain it for the long term. We want you to get healthy... and stay healthy.

We've designed Running Plans and running-specific Strength Workouts to help improve your running performance, build lean muscle, and prevent injury.  Meditation sessions will breathe mindfulness into your daily life.

Led by endurance athletes and certified coaches Jaymie Pizarro, The Bull Runner, Tricia Chiongbian-Concepcion and Jim Spiers, RUNEW will meet you where you're at and help you achieve your fitness goals. 

The real challenge for you is: Will you be able to sustain what you learn from us and live a healthier, better life? Take the challenge and let's find out!

Who can join?

This challenge is for you if:

> You want to start running or improve your running
> You were running in the past and want to start again
> You lost fitness during the pandemic and you need motivation to get fit
> You are an experienced runner who wants to start lifting safely
> You are a runner who always gets injured
> You want to let go of stress and anxiety through meditation

RUNEW is a virtual challenge that is open to anyone and everyone 18+ years old anywhere in the world. The plans can be modified to suit your current fitness level and goals. Our coaches will be available for support and guidance. 

What do you get?

Here’s what you receive when you join us:

+ 4-Week Running plan (Novice, Intermediate, & Experienced)
+ On-demand running-specific Strength Workouts for runners
+ On-demand Meditation classes
+ Live Weekly Team Check-Ins
+ Habit Tracker and Journal
+ Access to our library of Nutrition, Cardio, and Mindset talks
+ Exclusive TBR community on Slack

How does a typical week look?

Here's our proposed schedule, but you're free to move the sessions around:

+ RUNNING: There will be three running plans for: Novice, Intermediate and a Base Training Plan for Experienced runners. More advanced / competitive runners may choose to increase mileage on Sundays or use your own running plan on specified run days. New runners may opt to replace the run with walking or run/walk intervals for a gentler approach to running.

+ STRENGTH: Follow-along on-demand videos with Coach Jim and Jaymie composed of stabilization, core, strength and power exercises for all fitness levels. Each session is 3x per week, 30 to 45 minutes, and can be done at home. 

+ MEDITATION: On-demand meditation and/or breath work sessions 2x per week with Coach Tricia Chiongbian-Concepcion. Each session is 15-20 mins

+ TEAM CHECK INS: Zoom Live community check-ins every Monday for support and accountability. Sessions are led by Coach Jaymie (Philippine Standard Time)

How long is the program?

RUNEW runs for 4-weeks. We held our first Runew Challenge last Feb. 14 to Mar. 13, 2022.  The next RUNEW Challenge will be on January 2023.

How do I join?

Registration is now closed. Stay tuned for our next challenge: RUNFIT coming on AUG 2022!


What equipment will I need?

All workouts and classes are remote.  You will need the following:

+ yoga mat
+ dumbells (or any heavy household item like water bottles or sacks of rice)
+ resistance bands (optional)
+ bench, stool, or staircase (anything stable you can step up on)
+ of course, you'll need a strong wifi connection and it's best if you download the Zoom app if you haven't yet

I am new to any kind of workout.  Can I join?

Absolutely! You can adjust our recommended plans to fit your goals and needs. For beginners, you can walk or do run/walk intervals for the running program and use your body weight for the strength workouts.  If you need advise or assistance, you can ask for help during our weekly check-ins.

I am an experienced athlete.  Can I join?

Of course! You can adjust our recommended plan to fit your goals and needs. We recommend you workout as prescribed and challenge yourself with heavier weights for the strength workouts and/or increase the intensity or distance of your running plan.  

Will I have time for all this?

We kept the program simple and easy to follow.  You will only need 30-45 mins daily for workouts and 15-20 minutes for meditation. You can do all classes at your most convenient time or adjust its frequency to fit your lifestyle. Having said that, we challenge you to make time for this to achieve the best results.

How do I access the on-demand videos?

All content will be on You will receive access as soon as you register.   

How do I join live sessions?

All live sessions will be on Zoom. You will receive the link via email before the program begins.

I can’t make it to a live session. What to do?!

Don’t panic. We’ll post the recording on

I found out about this late! Can I register even after it has started?

Yes!  While you can't make up for the missed live sessions, you can access the workouts and recordings of live sessions on once you register.  You will have access for one month starting on the day you registered and you can do the program on your own. Just message us if you need guidance!

How can I contact you?

For inquiries, email us at or SMS 0945-991-0587.  Follow us on IG @tempobytbr and FB at