Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the Challenges?

The registration link is on the information page of the challenge. We advise you to sign up early as slots are limited for each challenge.

I've already paid, do I receive a receipt?

You should have received an email confirmation of your registration from us.

If you paid via Paypal / Credit Card, you will receive a separate email receipt from Paypal.

If you paid via Gcash or Bank Transfer, the Gcash or bank confirmation serves as your payment confirmation.  We will not send a separate receipt. 

I've already registered, what do I do now?

You will receive an email from us before the start of the challenge with directions on how to access the content.  Please check your junk mail before following up with us. 

Who can join?

Tempo Challenges are open to anyone and everyone above 18+ years old.  Since it is a virtual event, you can be anywhere in the world to do our workouts and listen to our talks.

I'm a minor. Can I join?

Sorry, we only accept participants above 18+ years old.  

How long do I have access to the content?

You have access to the content throughout the challenge period.  If you wish to extend your access to our Tempo library, you may email us at tempobytbr@gmail.com

What are the workouts?

Visit our ABOUT page to learn more about the Challenge.

What equipment will I need?

For all workouts, you'll need a mat. Keep a towel and water nearby.

For Strength, we recommend you get a pair of dumbells that is challenging yet comfortable for you to lift at around 8 to 12 repetitions.  If you don't have any, you can use your body weight or items at home such as water bottles / jugs or a sack of rice.  Resistance bands and kettlebells would be great to maximize the workout, but these are optional.  

For meditation, you have the option to be seated on a chair instead of a mat if that's more comfortable for you. 

Do I have to be fit to join the challenges?

No. You're welcome to join the challenges!  Our fitness plan is recommended, but fully customizable. We've designed the programs to so you can customize them according to your fitness level and goals.  Our coaches are also just a DM away for support.

Do I have to be a runner to join the Challenge?

No. You're welcome to join the challenges!  We provide a variety of running plans for every kind of runner - even those who just want to get started!  If you don't wish to run, you're also free to substitute the run days for other cardio exercises, such as walking, biking, swimming, jumprope, or dance.

I'm an experienced athlete.  Can I still join?

Definitely.  Our fitness plan is recommended, but fully customizable. You can level up by running more on your long distance runs, increasing the intensity of your cardio, or lifting heavier during your strength workouts.

I learned about this too late, but I still want to join! Can I still sign up after the challenge has started?

As long as we still have available slots by then and you don't mind coming in mid-away, we can still accept you.  Please email Kathy at tempobytbr@gmail.com

I'm having problems with my account!  Who do I contact?

Email Kathy at tempobytbr@gmail.com or SMS 0945-991-0587.